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What Your Body Experiences When You Quit Drinking Alcohol This pattern of habitual alcohol consumption can dramatically affect your body’s central nervous system, slowing down and impairing brain function. It can also weaken major organs such as the heart, liver, and pancreas, leaving you more susceptible to developing diseases such as high blood pressure, cirrhosis, and even some types of cancer. The decision to stop drinking can be beneficial for your health over the long term when it comes to these kinds of issues, but first your body may undergo some grueling Ecstasy withdrawal symptoms when you quit drinking alcohol before you can start to feel better. When it comes to this early period after you stop drinking, the symptoms can range from the mild to the severe. They can also appear very quickly after you take your last drink, as soon as six to eight hours later. At first, you may feel nauseous, which can lead to vomiting. Your hands can start shaking and you may start to feel sweaty. You can also get headaches as the alcohol wears off and leaves your system. It can be difficult to get the rest you need, and you may find yourself unable to sleep through the night. You may have difficulty sleeping, which can leave you feeling Cocaine Rehabs covered by Aetna Policy tired and irritable during the day. The overall experience can also breed a sense of depression or anxiety, which can amplify the physical symptoms and make you feel worse. The physical symptoms can get worse for up to three days after your last drink, but they may last longer than that at a lower intensity. In some cases, withdrawal symptoms can be even more serious during the first couple of days after you stop using alcohol. They can include hallucinations and seizures. And then there is something called delirium tremens, or what’s commonly called DTs. The DTs are rare—an estimated 5 percent of people in withdrawal get them—but prolonged alcohol abuse for 10 or more years can increase your risk. During the first couple of days after your last drink, you could start experiencing extreme delusions and confusion about reality. Your blood pressure and heart rate could start racing; you may also feel feverish and sweaty. Whether you experience the DTs or other, more common physical issues, your body will go through a lot during the initial time period after you stop drinking alcohol. Because the physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be severe—and because they can be coupled with dangerous impairment of your mental state—it’s important to seek out alcohol abuse rehabilitation provided by an experienced, well-trained facility that provides you with a very comfortable atmosphere and attentive care. This will help ensure that your body can work through the physical rigors that can occur when you stop drinking alcohol.


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how much ativan is addictive

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