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By Schick Shadel July 9, 2018 No Comments Wes, a former patient at Schick Shadel started a blog, Wes at Schick , over ten and half years ago. He writes about his personal experiences when going through treatment and the months and years following his treatment. Today Wes is over ten and a half years still sober! After one year of sobriety, Wes was still benefiting from Schick Shadel’s counter counter conditioning, aversion therapy and sedation rehab. He hadn’t had a single craving for alcohol and begun traveling, attended concerts and spent the money he was spending on alcohol on amazing adventures. After two years of sobriety, Wes still didn’t have any cravings for alcohol. He chose to celebrate his two years of sobriety by attending a meeting at Schick Shadel to share his recovery story. After five years, Wes still hadn’t had a single craving for a drink. In 2013 Wes hung out with some friends in London. His friends drank a few drinks while Wes sipped on some tonic water. Eventually the small wafts from his friends’ drinks triggered Wes’ aversion. He began to feel nauseous and didn’t have any desire to drink. The aversion therapy he received at Schick Shadel Hospital was still working. Over ten years later, Wes is still sober. He loves his life. Without his treatment at Schick Shadel hospital he would have missed out on his adventures and ability to love life. Schick Shadel Hospital have helped more than 80,000 people in the past 80 years using a medical approach to beat addictions for Aetna rehabs for Oxycodone Addiction drugs such as opiates, alcohol, cocaine, benzodiazepines, and amphetamine.

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does crack cocaine have withdrawal symptoms